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<body> <p><strong> <b> <font color="DAA520" size="3">The Corporation:</font></b></strong><br> <br> <font size="2"> The ENGCOMPSOLUTIONS - Solutions Services and Consulting in Technology of the Ltda Information were created in 2006. </font></p> <p><font size="2">It was established by professionals formed in Engineering of Computation in the PUC-Campinas (Pontifical University Catholic of Campinas) and in the Univali-SC (University of the Valley of the Itajaí). </font></p> <p><font size="2">Our professionals possess vast professional experience, being qualified to give to servições and consultoria in Technology of the Information. </font></p> <p><font size="2">We give services, consulting and we implant solutions of efficient and innovative form, surpassing the requirements of the market.<br> <br> Main characteristics of the <b>EngCompSolutions</b>:<br> 1. Centered in the customer;<br> 2. Offering perceived value;<br> 3. Flexible and adjusted to the necessities of the customer;<br> 4. Highly compromised with the delivery;<br> 5. Better relation Cost x Benefit;<br> 6. Qualified team;<br> 7. World-wide standards of quality.<br> <br> Into them we transform the knowledge accumulated in quality and productivity for our customers and partners. Through the permanent investment in technological innovation and knowledge, the EngCompSolutions comes consolidating each time plus a strategical position of prominence and in the market.<br> </font><font size="1"><br> <font size="2"><b><font color="#003366">Mission:</font></b></font><br> <br> <font size="2">To be to lider in consulting services and in Technology of Information, being offered solutions with tip technology, that generate benefits to the customers, guaranteeing world-wide standards of quality and low costs, acting with responsibility and establishing partnerships in the market. </font><br> <b><font color="#003366" size="2"><br> </font></b> <b><font size="2" color="#003366">Vision:</font></b><br> <font size="2"><br> </font> </font><font size="2">To offer to the best solutions and services, with optimum cost x benefit, guaranteeing total quality and satisfaction of our customers.</font><font size="1"><br> <br> <b><font size="2" color="#003366">Values:</font></b><br> <br> <font size="2">_ Commitment, professional ethics;<br> _ Transparency and respect with the customer;<BR> _ Support to Free Software and technologies Emergent ;<br> </font></font><font size="1"><font size="2"> _ Quality assurance and stated periods of delivery;<br> _ To favor the Digital Inclusion in the society; <br> _ In the distance to favor the diffusion and accomplishment of Ensino; <br> _ Better cost x benefit to the customers.</font></font><font size="1"> </font></p> </body>

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